Healthcare – Gilony & Azulai law firm provides a variety of legal services, counsel and support to governmental hospitals (Healthcare Corporations) and research institutes in the following fields:

  • Contracting with healthcare institutions (e.g. health maintenance organizations - HMOs, pharmaceutical companies, medical devices companies, laboratories and others).
  • Clinical and preclinical trials in human subjects, sponsored by international pharmaceutical companies and philanthropic entities.
  • International and local projects – negotiating and contracting for the establishment and operations of hospitals in various countries, training and selecting medical staff, etc.
  • Tenders.
  • Commercial and civil litigation in all legal instances (Supreme Court, District and Magistrate Courts, Administrative Courts and others).
  • Labor law counsel and litigation before the Labor Law Courts.
  • Representation in regulatory proceedings held by governmental authorities.
  • Donation funds and endowments - receipt, management and use of donation funds and endowments.
  • Counsel regarding protection, exploitation and commercialization of intellectual property assets.
  • Legal counsel regarding ongoing operations including labor law.
  • Litigation.

 What makes us different?

We provide legal, strategic and commercial support to many large scale and innovative projects. To name a few:

  • Establishing a tech transfer company for the largest hospital in Israel, including planning its strategic structure and operational procedures.
  • Participating in legislation processes in the fields of health and intellectual property.
  • Comprehensive support of innovative technological centers from initiation to fruition such as:
    • Israel Center for Medical Simulation (MSR), a “virtual hospital” which includes the entire spectrum of medical simulation modalities and training.
    • MOMA - the first national call center of its kind, for the treatment and management of chronic diseases.